Why I am Excited to Open a Family Medical Practice on Chestnut Road, in Matthews, NC

What a city we live in!

I remember when Rea Road was just a dirt road south of Ballantyne. I remember living in the Willowmere community, and if you took a right on Weddington Road out of the neighborhood, it was all open land. Now, these are some of the busiest streets in the Charlotte area. In a way, it’s amazing. Our city is on the map! People want to be here! But with the growth comes headaches, and I don’t mean the kind of headache that requires medicine, I mean traffic. Sure, traffic on 77 or 485 makes sense, those are major roads. But traffic on secondary roads? Where did that come from?!

I remember patients in my previous locations would complain about the drive in, the parking, the hassle. As if going to see a doctor wasn’t bad enough!

So what does all this have to do with opening a medical practice?

With me seeing all that was going on with the growth of the city, I wanted to have a people-friendly, neighborhood place. I also wanted to open a practice without all the red tape. Now, I have created just that. It’s on Chestnut Road, right next to Austin Village and close to the neighborhoods of Brookhaven, Callonwood, and others.

Imagine pulling out of one of these neighborhoods and driving two minutes down the road to get to your stop. That’s what I do every morning down when I go to my office. And it’s what I want for all my patients, a relaxed and simple trip to my family office. I can’t promise you simple trips with no traffic for the rest of your day, but for at least this one visit, that’s one thing I can provide.

(Stay tuned for future articles about the area – the neighborhoods, the people, the restaurants. Other articles will be about being a resource for people. I want to help, and I want to spend time answering your questions)

This Office will be closed during the week of June 15th - June 22nd, 2024

We are closing during this time to allow ourselves some much needed time with our families. Please note that we will be unavailable for appointments, messages or prescription refills.
Please plan ahead and we will be happy to help you schedule around this closure. Thank you for your patience and understanding!